Denver Roofing Company: Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

If you watch home trends across the country, you’ll notice that metal roofing is all the rage. While homeowners are excited to possibly invest into metal roofing because of it’s beauty, it’s important that they learn the pros and cons and ins and outs about this material type. Before you take a step forward to schedule a metal roofing install, be sure to read up on the pros and cons of metal roofing!

The Pros

If you ever do end up installing a metal roof, be sure to know that it will last for years and years. A properly installed metal roof should last as long as your house does, and seals out water, withstands high winds and rain/snow. Warranties are across the board for metal roofs, but most companies will back them for 20 up to 50 years.

If you’re looking to repair or replace your existing roof with a new metal one, some types of metal roofing materials can be placed over an existing roof without the need for tearing the existing one out or adding structural support. Metal roofing is also speedy and easy to install. A professional Denver roofing specialist should be able to install the multiple shingle sections of wide panels quickly. Because of the material being lightweight, you won’t need to worry about adding time for additional support structures.

Metal roofing is extremely fire resistant. The material is essentially noncombustible, and typically has a Class A fire rating which is the most resistant, but is also dependent on the materials beneath the surface that could ignite. For example, if you placed a metal roof over a roof that had wood shingles, the rating would drop down to a Class C. Metal roofing also has excellent heat conduction. It will reflect radiant heat from the sun, which cuts down on the midday heat gain, meaning you will save energy on constantly needing air conditioning during the day.

The Denver area experiences a lot of rain and snow. Metal roofing provides the maximum shedding of both rain and snow because of the way the panels interlock, as well as having hard surfaces that are extremely slippery.

The Cons

The first con you’ll notice when you start reading a metal roofing buying guide is the cost. Metal roofing is almost equivalent to premium roofing materials, but because of it’s durability, if you stay in your house for years and years, you’ll save the difference and possibly more.

If you’ve stayed in a house with a metal roof before, you probably noticed the noise. During a rainstorm a metal roof can be loud. You might find this either comforting or annoying, it just depends on your personal preference. You can control the noise by installing sound-deadening insulation and plywood.

Have you ever experienced dents in your car from hail or golf balls? The same rings true with metal roofing. Aluminum and copper can be dented if large hailstones fall on it, but there are types that are guaranteed to not dent. You also need to be careful should you ever need to (or have someone else) go up and take a look at your roof. Not all metal roofs can be walked upon.

Metal roofs have to be installed by a professional, and that’s why you should call The Roof Dr.! Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from customers before. Contact us if you have any questions about metal roofing, or if you want to get started today!
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