Reverse Insurance Fraud, Yes your insurance company is 100% not on your side. Why you should call us, We do not back down!!!

Your in good hands Allstate? NO YOUR NOT! Like a good neighbor State Farm? NO YOUR NOT! American Family, they are not FAMILY!

By Ken Medina - February 27, 2021

Hi, I am the owner of The Roof DR. We have been around here in the Denver Metro Area since 1971 that is half a century, 50 years of serving our beautiful state,  our NEIGHBORS, Clients, etc. For those of you that do not know, the ""Insurance industry is an anomaly of incredible deceitful, and alarming Gangsters"". THE REAL GANGSTERS as one of my Employees stated. In all our years working closely with "the Insurance Industry" we have found that they have advertisements everywhere, Football Stadiums, Forums, Basketball Arenas, Baseball Fields, TV, Television, Radio, Using Your in good hands Allstate, like a Good Neighbor State Farm, Farmers We've seen a thing or two, 15 Minutes will save you 15% Geicko Gecko, USAA Military Proud, American Family no you’re not FAMILY, I think you’re getting the point. So, we have seen 1000s of deals come across our desks, we have seen what we call "The Skinny" Adjusters that give our clients & us the short version of an "ESTIMATE" The Main Hose on our Website is a 3-million-dollar home, the insurance company came and gave our mutual client an estimate of $12,500.00 for the Westile Concrete Tile Roof, Paint, Stain, & interior damage. Just like every single job, we must do what is called a SUPPLEMENT!!! So, after our client shredded the $12,500.00 check, yes, he shredded the check in front of the Allstate Adjuster, that is when our JOB started, no we do not have Patrick Mahomes, or Aaron Rodgers on our team, no Shaq, just us, so we went to work and after 8 months of fighting with the hired GUN Engineer, we received a final reward of $170,000 to do all the repairs. We are great negotiators; we are lawyered up with the best Lawyers in the state to fight these criminal minds. Yes, it is a war, the insurance industry does not want you to know about us, they do not want you to hire a hired GUN, they want you in the closet, they do not want you to know that we can help you get your home to its original state prior to the storm, wind and or hail, fire, flood, damage. I have 100s of these stories, and many clients that will back our stories, give s an opportunity to serve you.

Did you know that if your car is in an accident, they must pay you DIMINISHED VALUE??? Yes, my Toyota 4Runner was rear-ended, the other insurance just wanted to FIX the damage that was caused by the other driver, but we are smarter than what they think.... We now have an accident showing on CARFAX, so the diminished value was $6,850.00 that we forced the insurance to pay us. If your vehicle is damaged by hail, then they must pay you diminished value.

Call us for all your Insurance questions, we are Experts at Negociating hard claims. 
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