Storm Damage to Northeast Denver Roofs

Storms can wreak havoc on your roofing in Denver – especially if it hasn’t been properly maintained. Many times, roofers in Denver take advantage of your predicament, but not with the Roof Dr. We understand that your home is your biggest investment and has more to it than just monetary value. We want to help you solve problems and take care of your home the way you would yourself. Call us for a free estimate if you have experienced something similar to one of our past clients – like Mitchell B.:

"I have a ranch house in the Parkfield section of northeast Denver that had been pelted by hail on May 21, 2014. My insurance adjuster assessed the damage and determined that a new roof would be approved. I chose Roof Dr. as my contractor. The sales rep showed me the options available, and I chose a roof with impact resistant Class 4 - Duration Storm shingles (lifetime warranty) with titanium felt underlayment and an additional ice shield. Those items were delivered and placed on the roof two days in advance of the installation - one hour delivery time. A dumpster to receive old roof debris and a crew of seven arrived at 7:30 am. July 3, 2014. The work was completed including the installation of a ridge vent and cleanup of the property and the gutters, and the dumpster was hauled away by 12:30 pm. The work was well done."
-Mitchell B.

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