About The Roof Dr. in Denver, CO

  • We only do business in Colorado, so we will not "storm chase" to other states. Although we do business in Wyoming and Nebraska, it is solely for family, friends and Colorado clients with vacation or second homes..
  • The Roof Dr. has provided residential and commercial roofing services and storm damage repairs in the Denver area for 45 years. We are Platinum Certified with Owens Corning and Master Elite Certified with Gaf Elk, Certainteed, & Tamko Products. Not only are we certified, but our installers are 100% certified with a minimum of 5 years' experience.
  • We strive to provide 100% satisfaction on all roofing jobs; we understand that we can't please everyone, but if given a chance to fix a miscommunication or misstatement, we believe that we can make you happy with the decision made to rectify the problem.
  • When we re-roof your home or business, we go above the rest; we do more than just meet building code standards. We do things better! Our roofers add 2x4 drip edge at all penetrations, even gable or raked ends. We also add ridge vents rather than turtle vents. Additionally, we use 6-7 nails per shingle, which will increase wind limits from 110 mph to 130 mph per shingle, the typical standard for areas that regularly experience hurricane-force winds (think Miami).
  • We will upgrade you to Lifetime-Class 4 IR, impact-resistant architectural shingles for free. You will also get free synthetic felt and ridge vents!

The Roof Dr. Upgrades

  • Free class-4 IR impact resistant shingles; no more T-Lock or 3-Tab Shingles, nor do we install builder grade 30-year
  • Free synthetic felt; no more 15# or 30# paper
  • Free ridge vents; no more ugly turtle vents on your roof
  • Free 2X4 drip-edge painted to match your roof; no ugly shining metal here!
  • Free ice & water installation in all valleys; we don't use metal, no more rust, or rusty looks on your roof!
  • Free paint on all metal; no more heater vents, pipe jacks, exhaust vents or ugly metal on your roof!

Meet The Roof Drs.

Ken Sr., Ken Jr., Cody, Shonelle, William, Dale, Nancy, Frank, Dave, Greg, Mike, Cliff, Daniel

We are a family owned and operated roofing business comprised of Colorado natives, providing residential and commercial roofing services ONLY in Colorado!

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