Choosing Energy Efficient Materials for Your Roofing in Brighton

With energy costs soaring though the roof (literally), it’s important that your home is equipped with an energy effective and location specific roofing installation. Generally, more than half of your energy costs are from heating and cooling your home. Did you know that the cause of a high energy bill could be your roof? Fixing inefficiencies or replacing your roof with the right materials can save you a lot of money on climate control in your home. 

With so many material options for roofing such as asphalt, metal, wood, concrete, and tile, it’s hard to know which one is right for your climate and location. The ideal roofing solution is dependent on where you live and what type of house you have. Simply choosing the right materials can decrease your home energy needs as much as 30%. With the constant changing weather in Colorado, clay and concrete materials tend to be more energy efficient and versatile. Light-colored roofs are better in warmer climates because they reflect heat. In cooler climates, dark colored materials are better suited since they absorb heat. 

Metal roofing is also a viable option in Brighton’s climate as it is versatile in looks and function. They can provide significant cuts in energy bills with durability. Most metal roofing, including standing seam, is made up of recycled material and can be directly installed onto an existing asphalt roof. This provides an option for a quick installation solution and low maintenance for years to come. 

Along with picking out the right materials, it’s important to have the right person install them. That’s where the Roof Dr. comes in. We are licensed professionals providing you with roofing and construction services in Denver. We will help you though the process of making your home have a more energy efficient future.
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