Why it’s Important to Get Your Westminster Roof Inspected

A roof is the most important, but vulnerable asset of a home or building. Smart owners know the importance of fixing small leaks and other problems before they turn into something more problematic. Professional roof inspections can help maintain a roof’s life expectancy and its continued efficiency. 

When conducting a Westminster roof inspection, here are some things a roofing professional will examine:

Areas on the roof that are weathering
Debris removal
Storm damage (hail, wind uplift, etc.)
Leak assessment
Drainage issues

It’s important to have a professional roof inspection at least once or twice a year to maintain the quality and effectiveness of a roof. The best times to schedule a roof inspection is once before severe weather and once after. If you have a warranty, it’s especially important to keep regular inspection appointments. Most manufacturers state that a warranty is void if the roof is not maintained.   

Don’t let your roof surprise you with large and costly problems. Call The Roof Dr. to schedule Denver roof repairs and ensure that your roof and home will remain problem free. 
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