3 Misunderstood Thornton Roofing Myths

When it comes to repairing, purchasing or replacing a roof, there are many misconceptions. It’s important to get the facts. Here are three popular myths, debunked by your Thornton roofing service:

Myth #1: Cool roofs are an energy efficient option in warm climates, but don’t make sense in cooler climates.
Did you know that cool roofing ends up saving you money in both warm and cool climates because solar radiation in the summer is five times greater than the winter? Energy savings from cool roofs are always more than from black roofs used for absorbing heat.  

Myth #2: Flashing only needs to be replaced when a new roof is installed.
Flashing is a metal material that is meant to divert water away from roof openings such as vents and pipes. Depending on the installation and rigors flashing has gone though, it can outlast a roof or fail and damage a roof. Make sure your flashing is checked around every six months to ensure there is no damage to the flashing itself or to the materials around it.

Myth #3: It’s fine to cover an existing layer of shingles with a new layer.
Since building codes say this is ok, it’s a very common mistake made. When replacing shingles, it’s important to take into account the sheathing under the tiles. Rot, age, leaks, or other damages may have affected the state of your sheathing. The best way to make sure that this isn’t happening is to strip away old shingles before installing new ones.

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