Common Summer Roofing Problems in Highlands Ranch

Unfortunately, there’s no good time for a roof to have a problem, and summer is no exception. With the sun’s high UV rays and sudden afternoon rain storms, it’s possible it could damage your Highlands Ranch roofing materials. Shingles can be loosened by heavy rain and buildup in gutters can also lead to deterioration.  Roof adhesives can melt and require repair with the high temperatures and intense sun exposure.

Unfortunately, this summer has also seen a fair amount of hail throughout the Highlands Ranch area. Hail can do significant damage to your roof and can strip shingles of granules, break tiles, or dent roofs. It’s important to get your roofing materials inspected after these severe changes in weather occur.

It’s a good idea to check in with The Roof Dr. to ensure that your roof can withstand this hot and rainy summer. If your find your roof has encountered numerous problems and needs to be replaced, the end of summer or early fall is the best time to do this. When the days have cooled down, the heat will be much less intense and there won’t be as much rain, which helps keep your roof stay dry during the installation process.

Call The Roof Dr. today to find out if you’re roof has stood up to the Colorado weather this year and make sure it will last for many summers to come. 
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