Why Denver Roof Sheeting Installation Matters

Did you know that roof sheeting provides the main protection and insulation in your home? Depending on the building and roofing style, the process and materials change. Certain benefits to exist for each type of roof sheeting. Make sure to ask your Lakewood roofing company what is best for your business or home.

Polycarbonate roof sheeting – Easy to work with and virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate also meets fire rating requirements and has high weather resistance with up to 90% light transmission. It’s also available in a large variety of colors and profiles. Polycarbonate is commonly used on commercial or industrial buildings because of its ability to withstand extreme temperature changes.

Sheet metal roofing – Sheet metal roofing it the most commonly known roof sheeting and is used on a wide variety of structures from sheds to commercial buildings. Its greatest selling point is its durability. Along with being less expensive than polycarbonate, it’s extremely resistant to weather elements.

Explore your options in roof sheeting and other options for roofing materials – call the Roof Dr. today to receive an estimate and get started on your project today.
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