3 Denver Roofs that Pushed the Boundaries and Made History

Many people notice the amazing architecture of the city of Denver, but something that they may not immediately take notice of, is the incredible roofing structures on some of Denver’s most famous landmarks. Your Denver roofing company highlights three of the city’s most famous and historical building toppers:

1. DIA: Probably the most obvious in terms of popularity and recognition, the Denver International Airport’s iconic structure catches eyes and attention nationwide. The tent-like roofing material is an expanse of approximately 15 acres of Teflon-coated PTFE fiberglass. What most people don’t know about this structure, is that although aesthetics of course came into play, (borrowing from the familiar snow-capped mountains Colorado hosts) intense measures were taken to ensure the building’s efficiency and durability. Reflective of over 90% of the sun’s rays, this roofing material does not conduct heat while insulating the structure. The architecture of the tent like beams and fabric was designed to stretch over to create an overhang and provide additional protection from the elements on the building’s perimeter.

2. The Denver Library: Postmodernist roof design by Michael Graves (architect) was built in 1995 and provides the building with additional dramatic flair on top of the unique combination of colors and building structure. The beams that appear to support the top roofing materials are actually not necessary functionally, but provide a focal point, and almost a nod to a graduation cap. 

3.  The Calvary Temple: This building was established in 1957 but certainly possess aspects that feel quite modern or even futuristic. Called once the “Cathedral of Tomorrow”, the Calvary Temple’s triangular roof extends across the building at an angle toward the ground. While seeming like the support structure for such a design should be extensive and labor intensive, there are place of the roof that have no support for over 40 feet. The four columns at the entrance are about 49 feet long, weighing 12 tons a piece and a steel beam extends 91 feet across the center of the building, providing the only support necessary to be structurally sound. 

Denver roofing companies have provided creative innovations in material and structure, helping to create some of the most amazing landmarks the nation recognizes. For you home, explore the options with your roofing company - call the Roof Dr. today to learn more!
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