Fire Resistant Materials and Your Thornton Roof

Residential fires account billions of dollars in damage each year in the United States. With all the recent wild fires around Colorado, it’s a good idea to choose an optimal roofing material for fire safety. Here are a couple of great choices for fire protection for your Thornton Roof:

Fiberglass-based asphalt shingles – The most economical of all residential roofing materials, fiberglass-based asphalt shingles offer excellent fire resistance when installed with fire code compliant underlayment.

Clay Tile – Traditional clay tile is noncombustible as well as very durable. It provides a Class A fire rating, which is the highest fire-resistant rating available. When they are installed, make sure that the openings in the barrel-shaped kind are sealed so embers can’t penetrate your roof.

Recycled-Rubber Tile – Recycled rubber tire is both an economical and environmentally friendly option when it comes to choosing a fire resistant material for your Thornton roof. It’s manufactured using a highly effective fire retardant and underlaid with a fire-resistant barrier which gives is a Class A fire rating.

When it comes to your Thornton roof, you want it to be as durable and as safe as possible. These materials are optimal for fire resistance and keeping your family and home safe. Contact The Roof Doctor today to find out what material is right for your roof.
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