Holiday Decorations and Your Lakewood Roofing Materials

October 30, 2015

The Lakewood roofing experts at The Roof Dr. have some advice and tips for hanging your decorations this holiday season. It’s never too early to be prepared!

Many homes in the Lakewood area decorate long before the weekend after Thanksgiving. Early October starts the seasonal decorating with Halloween taking center stage. November 1st sees an influx of other fall decorations taking the place of cobwebs and paper skeletons. This leads us into the winter holidays and the extra mile Coloradans go to make their homes the centerpiece of the neighborhood. Here are some tips and advice for decorating your home this season:
  • Hang Early: Since decorations start early, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the trend and get your winter holiday lights up sooner rather than later. This has a couple of different advantages. If the weather predictions for this winter come to fruition, then we’re in for a snowy and cold winter. Getting your lights up early will prevent any accidents that come with trying to deal with snow and ice while hanging your decorations. This is also a bigger job than most people realize. Giving yourself ample time ahead of the season will give you more ideas and better planning when it comes time to flip the switch. Early hanging can also give you an up close look at your roof to ensure there aren’t any problem areas with your home’s roofing materials.
  • Stay Safe: Ladder safety should be the first thing mentioned. Always use a properly rated ladder with at least one other person to ensure stability and, in case of an accident, someone to assist and get help immediately if it is needed. When hanging along your roof like, its important to use the right equipment such as extension and braces. DO NOT climb on top of shingle roofing or tall peaks unless someone else is there to steady the ladder on your descent. Check all of your wires and extension cords for any damage and get rid of any that are. Another big DON’T is to never use staples or nails when hanging decorations. You should only use the gutter with gutter clips.
  • Roof Check: Hanging your holiday decorations is the ideal time to examine the overall shape and condition of your roof. If you have shingles, are you missing some or notice any trouble spots? Are your gutters coming away from any point along the line? Are your downspouts looking loose or coming unconnected? Calling the Roof Dr. before the snow starts to fall could save you thousands of dollars after the spring thaw, when the damage has been exacerbated by the freezing temperatures and falling snow of winter.
Following these simple tips and suggestions will help make sure you have a safe and festive season with your family, free from the worries of your roof or the hanging of your decorations. Call the Roof Dr. to come give your roof an inspection before the busy holiday season.
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