Common Problems Experienced by Denver Roofs

Maintaining a strong and safe roof is essential for any home or business owner.  However, in Colorado certain common problems can impair the efficacy of your roof, diminish the quality of your home, and jeopardize the safety of your family.  Although Colorado homes are exposed to certain hazards, you can avoid experiencing these problems by having your roof frequently inspected and upgraded by premier Denver roofing professionals.


The snow is a common problem that damages the roofs of Colorado homes.  Although roofs are designed to withstand snow, the shingles and flashes can be damaged when an excessive accumulation of snow becomes disproportionately concentrated onto one small area of the roof.  For instance, wind gusts often cause heavy snow piles to become concentrated on lower roof levels or on areas where the roof adjoins to the walls.  The ice that develops after snow storms can also damage the shingles of your roof.  The dramatic weather changes in Colorado can cause a pattern in which the ice melts during the day and then refreezes at night.  This melting and refreezing process can cause the wooden shingles to expand, crack, or become loose.  


Denver roofs are also succeptible to become damaged by the long hail seasons and the powerful hail storms that the city encounters.  Colorado can generate hail storms during the winter, spring, or summer seasons.  Many factors can cause the hail storms to damage your roof.  The storms typically involve massive chucks of hailstone, the hail can fall for extensive periods of time, and the hail can pummel and bombard roofs with relentless force and velocity.  The hail storms can in turn damage your roof by breaking chunks off of the shingles, flashes, gutters, sidings, or chimney caps.  Additionally, the intense winds that often accompany Colorado storms can also damage your roof by dislodging the shingles.  


While Colorado homes often experience leaks, Denver roofing professionals can also help you avoid this detrimental problem.  Leaks usually result from the natural aging process that many traditional homes and buildings experience. Most roofs feature metal flashes that are located at the seams of the roofs to help prevent water from seeping through the roof structure.  However, the inevitable aging process can wear down and loosen the shingles, break down the metal flashes, and render your roof vulnerable to leak water into your home.  Failing to have your roof maintained and upgraded consistently might result in leak damages that can be destructive to your home and expensive to repair.  As a result, hiring roofing specialists to occasionally upgrade your roof can be more cost-effective than repairing the excessive damage that is facilitated by the aging process and by the ensuing leaks.

If you live in Colorado, you should have The Roof Dr. periodically inspect the efficacy of your roof and perform repairs when your roof has incurred damages.  Our staff possesses the advanced knowledge and superior experience required to inspect residential and commercial roofs, provide accurate evaluations, and then perform any repairs that can help maximize the quality of your roof and the value of your home.
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