3 Reasons to Have Your Denver Roof Repaired

January 22, 2016

Having an impaired roof can diminish the appearance of your home, jeopardize the safety of your family, and expose your home to destructive and expensive leak damages. However, many warning signs can indicate that it is time to have your roof repaired or replaced before more severe damage ensues. You can benefit from learning about the top reasons why you might need to have premier Denver roofing company inspect and repair your roof.

  • Broken Shingles:     Broken shingles represent a primary reason to upgrade your roof before more serious problems emerge.  Many different signs indicate that your shingles are broken, and you can evaluate the conditions of your shingles just by observing the exterior of the roof. For instance, your roof should be repaired or replaced if certain shingles are torn, splintered, or cracked. You should also check to see if any shingles have become loose, dislodged, or if certain shingles are missing and producing bald spots on your roof. Checking your gutter can also help you identify potential problems with the efficacy of your roof. When shingles begin to wear down and break apart, large grains of shingle granules often tear away from the shingles, slide down the slope of the roof, and then accumulate in the gutter. As a result, seeing an abundance of shingle granules in your gutters typically indicates that your shingles are worn down and should be replaced.  

  • Moisture Marks:     Certain marks can also indicate that you should have a Denver roofing company evaluate and repair your roof. You can often observe moisture marks on the ceiling or attic inside your home. Moisture marks are usually concentrated in one small area of the ceiling, and the moisture can cause certain areas of the ceiling to appear noticeably darker, to sag down, or to leak water after rainstorms. Additionally, bacteria usually develop quickly on moisture marks. As a result, you can also identify moisture marks and faulty shingles by checking your ceiling for spots of fungi, mold, or areas that are rotting. These moisture marks are warning signs of faulty shingles or flashes, and failing to repair the roof can lead to an extensive amount of damage in your home as the rainwater leaks through the roof and onto your valuable belongings.  

  • Age:     Age is another indicator that a roof should be replaced. Because age naturally wears down the integrity of the shingles and flashes, the average life-span of a roof is approximately 20 years. However, Denver roofs must be inspected and upgraded much more frequently due to the extreme weather patterns that Colorado experiences. For instance, the multitude of powerful hail and snow storms can apply excessive pressure on the asphalt shingles and cause the roofing materials to decay at a relatively fast rate. As a result, you should have your Colorado roof inspected every two or three years to prevent the development of severe damages that can be very expensive to repair later.  

Contact the Roof Dr. to inspect the condition of your roof and to provide any repairs that might help improve your home. We can provide honest evaluations to identify any problems, upgrade the quality of residential or commercial roofs, and ensure that your roof looks beautiful and functions effectively.  
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