Services Provided by Denver Roofing Companies

February 5, 2016

Your roof asserts a significant influence on the stability of your home, the shelter of your family, and the beautiful appearance and overall value of your property. However, the difficult challenge of installing or repairing roofs often requires you to hire professionals who are licenced and insured to successfully complete roofing projects. If you need to fulfill a roofing project, it can help to learn about the different services that Denver roofing companies can provide.
  • Installation:  The top Denver roofing professionals can design and install new roofs for residential homes or commercial buildings. The experts can show you the many options from which you can choose, including roof designs, spacial dimensions, and different colors and styles of shingle materials. The designing process should enable you to determine which particular roofing design or shingle style would be most conducive for your home and appealing for your aesthetic preferences. The companies can then provide all of the necessary roofing materials, install the shingles, position the flashes, and secure all piping or ventilation areas.  
  • Inspection:  You can also hire Denver roofing companies to inspect your roof. This is especially important for Colorado homes and buildings. Intense snow or hail storms often pummel the homes, ice can accumulate in certain areas of the roofs, and the inclement weather can cause your roof to become damaged as certain shingles become loose, cracked, or dislodged.  These problems render your home susceptible to incur leaking damages.  This can be very hazardous, for leaks can be destructive to your belongings, dangerous for your family, and expensive to repair. As a result, experts recommend that you have your roof inspected every two or three years. The best roofing companies can provide inspection services. The specialists can evaluate each section of your roof, conduct tests to assess the efficacy of the flashes and shingles, and provide accurate and comprehensive reports to help determine whether your roof is functioning properly or requires an upgrade.
  • Repair and Replacement:  Premier Denver roofing professionals can also provide roof repair services. The specialists can identify any weaknesses or impediments that are hindering the stability of your roof and then perform the necessary repairs. For instance, the roofers can replace broken shingles or flashes, seal damaged areas that are vulnerable to leak water, and fix areas where the wood or venting systems are rotten or cracked. Roofers can also fulfill replacement or upgrade services to enhance the condition of your roof. Upgrade services often allow the companies to provide high-quality materials and superior impact-resistant shingles that can substantially improve the quality of your roof. The Roof Dr. uses only the best quality materials when working on your roof.  Whether damaged from a storm or just general wear, we will upgrade the condition of your roof and save you energy costs in the process by replacing your current shingles with impact-resistant shingles.  This upgrade to Lifetime-Class 4 IR, impact-resistant shingle upgrade is done for free, and includes a free synthetic felt and ridge vents.  
Contact the Roof Dr. to handle any of your roofing needs. We have been servicing Colorado roofs for over 45 years and would be glad to ensure that your residential or commercial roof is functioning properly. As a local company, we will not storm-chase to other states and only provide residential roofing services in Colorado. We strive to be the best roofing company in the area, always offering free upgrades, professional experience, and competitive price points. We work hard for you and help all clients deal with the challenges of insurance claims, hail, wind and inclement weather storms, and much more! The Roof Dr. goes beyond just replacing residential roofs - we also install siding, windows, gutters, fencing and paint!  
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