Commercial and Residential Roof Replacement Services

February 26, 2016

An old roof can impair the appearance of your home, diminish the quality of your building, and render your property susceptible to incur very destructive and expensive leaks. Many problems can require you to have your Denver roof replaced. Roofs can be damaged by inclement weather conditions, or can gradually deteriorate from the natural wear and tear of the aging process. However, having your roof replaced by premier Denver roofing companies can improve the quality of your property and protect your belongings from leaks. If you are interested in having your roof replaced, it can help to understand the roof replacement services that professionals can fulfill.
  • Materials:  You can choose from a diverse range of roofing materials when receiving Colorado roof replacement services. The experts can remove your old shingles to construct a new roof from whichever materials are most conducive for your aesthetic desires or structural requirements.  For instance, the professionals can remove your old roofing materials and install metal, tile, copper, wood, or upgraded asphalt shingles. If you decide to utilize the same materials as your old roof, the experts can provide the most superior and innovative brands available to extend the durability and longevity of your new roof. If you would like to use a new type of roofing shingle, the Denver roofing professionals can convey specific information regarding the different types of materials so you can help determine which shingles would be most appropriate for your property and for your budget.
  • Specifications:  The top Denver roofing companies can also accommodate the ideal specifications for your new roof. Some people use architects, engineers, or infrastructure consultants when designing their roofs. As a result, roofing experts can design and install the roof according to the specifications that your architect has established and that you would like to utilize. However, roofing specialists can also help you design new spatial dimensions when replacing your roof.  The professionals possess the advanced knowledge and superior experience required to evaluate your roof, provide you with many design options for different sections, and help you design a beautiful roof that features new and modernized specifications. In turn, the roofing experts can help you determine new spatial dimensions for your roof or adhere to the design specifications that you have already established with an architect.
  • New Parts: You can also have companies install many new parts when fulfilling Colorado roof replacement services. Most roofing specialists can provide upgraded metal flash materials, install a new flashing system onto the various joints and gaps of your roof, and ensure that the flashing system successfully prevents the development of water seepage. Improving your draining system can also enhance the efficacy of your new roof. For instance, the experts can install high-quality gutters and arrange the slopes of your roof to prevent the gutters from being damaged or congested with excessive accumulations of debris. Additionally, other parts that the professionals can install for your replacement roof include new wall panels, sidings, standing seams, chimney features, and ventilation systems.
Contact the Roof Dr. to handle your roof replacement services. Our elite staff has earned many certifications and credentials for providing superior residential and commercial roofing services throughout the Denver area. We have over 40 years of experience, we use the best products on the market, and we would be glad to design and install your new roof to maximize the quality of the roof and the value of your property.
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