Westminster Roofing Companies and Insurance Claims

If you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time, you probably know that spring time can mean Westminster roof replacement time. Hail, torrential downpours, and high winds can damage roofing, siding, windows, and landscaping. Many people make the mistake of thinking that their homeowners insurance will automatically cover the full replacement cost of a roof. Even if you have a low deductible, there are some things to keep in mind about your coverage so you know what to expect should you need a new roof.

If your roof is only a few years old and it is damaged in a storm, chances are you will be out your deductible for your roof repair or replacement, but that’s about it. Where obstacles might appear is getting insurance to cover the lion’s share of replacing an older roof. It is important to fully understand the coverage you are carrying so that you won’t be surprised by a huge out of pocket expense in the event of a natural disaster.

Codes and ordinances change all the time with the advancement of technology and improvement of building materials. Generally speaking, insurance is designed to repair and replace items on your home to its existing condition. It is not for improving the item or bringing it up to code, if materials have been improved or building ordinances have been changed. In order to get paid for bringing your home up to code you need to have something known Code Coverage in your existing policy. It is vitally important to understand Ordinance or Law Coverage: What it is, and Why You Need It.

What is it?

Code coverage is a clause in your insurance policy that basically says the insurance will pay to repair your structure, and/or pay to bring your structure up to code in the event that local building ordinances have changed. It also covers the cost of demolishing existing fabrication in order to re-build to bring everything up to code. In most instances permits cannot be issued unless it is understood that any existing work will be brought up to current code standards.

When do you need it?

If you live in an older home or your roof is approaching 10 years or older, chances are you need it. Can it be used at any time to bring an existing structure up to code? No, it is triggered in the event of a loss. Said loss must be covered by your policy. If your older roof is damaged and you are not carrying code insurance, your insurance company will cover the cost of replacing the roof in its original condition but the cost of bringing it up to code will be the homeowner’s responsibility. In most cases that means that the insurance company will be paying very little and the homeowner will be shelling out quite a lot.

Roof insurance claims can be tricky so it’s important to understand your coverage long before the first hailstone falls. Call the roofing experts at Roof Dr. to come and inspect your roof. They can alert you to any existing problems and let you know if any additional insurance coverage may be needed. Give us a call today for more information at 
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