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April 12, 2016

You wouldn’t want to wait until your car leaves you stranded to take it in for a tuneup and oil change. This same philosophy can be applied to your roof. Emergency repairs of any sort are going to cost more than keeping up on maintenance, and roofing is no exception. The Denver roofing specialists at the Roof Dr. can come and inspect your home or commercial property for possible roof damage. Here are some reason you’ll want to call:

No Emergency Repairs
Probably the best reason to get your roof looked at, even if it isn’t hail season, is avoiding the sticker shock and inconvenience of an emergency repair. Let’s face it, emergency repairs of any sort never happen at a convenient time. Over a holiday weekend, in the middle of the night, or when you’re out of town could be a horrendous time to have to deal with an emergency repair. You may end up not just paying for the repair, but for any measures that have to be taken to secure the property or cover the damage until the repair can be completed. No one can predict the amount of damage a wind or hail storm might wreak havoc on your roof, but inspectors can identify trouble spots and make repairs right away so that a small repair doesn’t become extensive damage.

An Ounce of Prevention
Not all roof issues result in a stream of water coming down in the middle of the living room. Some roof problems are much more subtle and therefore they can cause a great deal of damage over time if not taken care of. A roof’s main job is keeping out the elements, not just through coverage but through drainage as well. Improper drainage can cause walls to buckle over time or can cause costly damage to a building’s foundation. Regular inspections can ensure that there are no leaks, large or small, and that gutters and downspouts are properly routing water away from the structure.

Add to Property Value
In addition to saving you headaches while you are living at the property, regular roof maintenance and inspections are likely to score points with potential buyers if you’re ready to sell. With regular repairs, a house is much less likely to have drainage issues, attic damage, mold, foundation problems, or wood rot.

Plan ahead
The inspector can alert you to something that may not require any action now but should be looked at in the next few months. They can also give you an estimate so that you can start stashing money away for when the time comes. You may also find that you can save yourself by adding to your insurance coverage. For instance, if your roof is not up to code, you can purchase ordinance or code insurance so that in the event of a hail storm or other coverable damage, insurance will pay to get your home updated to today’s code standards.

Call our roofing professionals so that you can tackle a minor issue today and avoid extensive damage tomorrow. Call Roof Dr. at 303-618-9889 to schedule an appointment.
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