What Homebuyers Need to Know from Denver Roofing Professionals

April 22, 2016

When buying a house, an inspection report is a no-brainer and is required by mortgages and banks before financing can be put in place. However, home inspectors are not roofers, and while they’ll look for obvious signs of damage, don’t expect them to grab a ladder and crawl up there to take a closer look. Of the 6 Home-Buying Warning Signs you Shouldn’t Ignore (and What to do About Them), Forbes listed the roof as #1. It’s the one critical element whose failure could affect literally everything else in the house. Denial is definitely not going to help you in this arena, you need to know the facts.

Knowledge is Power
Hiring a Denver roofing professional can identify trouble spots that can be repaired before any real damage is done. They can also give you an estimate of work that might need to be done in the coming years so that you can make an informed decision to buy as is or renegotiate a price. It’s not only important to assess current damage but to learn what the roof is made of, how old it is, and how many layers of shingles are already on the roof. Some materials last longer than others, and workmanship counts for a lot. Find out as much information as you can like how old the roof is, what repairs have been done since it was replaced, and who installed it.

If You Decide to Buy
If your home purchase includes a warranty, be sure that you understand the particulars of how it applies to your roof. If you decide to buy the property or have already bought it, is important to have a roofer take a look, preferably before you talk to your insurance provider. Your roof may still be in decent shape but building codes and ordinances change all the time. If there is a hail storm, contractors are required not to just repair the roof to its original condition but to bring it up to current code standards. When and if that roof needs to be repaired, modernizing is likely to be the expensive part of the repair.

Other Valuable Info to be Gained
Your roofer can not only look at the roof itself, but the gutters and downspouts to diagnose any drainage problems which could be causing foundation issues. When checking the attic for leaks they can also see how much insulation is present or if more may be needed. Be sure to follow up on the findings of the report. Roof replacement can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, and with our snowy winters and frequent hail storms, they comprise quite a large expense for insurance companies. Therefore a lot of maneuvering by insurance goes on to disallow claims. One of the reasons they might deny a claim is if they determine that the roof’s failure could have been prevented with proper maintenance or if a repair had been left unattended for an extended period of time.

If you are considering purchasing a home, or have just purchased one, call us at 303-618-9889. We are your residential roofing experts that can answer any questions and ensure that you aren’t blindsided by any roofing repairs. Call for an inspection before the hail season starts!
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