Successful Residential Roof Repair with The Roof Dr.

Congratulations to Doris Hackworth, we have just completed her 4th home. All 4 had 3 tab shingles, and needed to be Re-Decked. We were involved, we got the insurance to foot the bill for both wind and hail damage. We have upgraded all 4 of them to class for IR impact resistant shingles! Synthetic felt! Ridge vents, and color-coded metals!!! On this one we also had only rolled roofing per code the insurance paid out for a bitumen roof, which again is a huge upgrade. She will now save over $300 per house, a year on her insurance premiums. She saves 28% through State Farm insurance for having the class 4 impact resistant shingles. Owens Corning Duration Storm IR class 4 impact resistant shingles. 

Thanks again Doris. 

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