Denver Roof Repair for Before You Install Solar Panels

June 2, 2016

Colorado’s abundant sunshine makes solar energy a pragmatic and money saving choice for homeowners. While solar panels have great environmental and financial benefits, it is important to speak to a Denver roofing professional if you are considering installation. There are many factors that can put your roof at risk if best practices aren’t followed. Once solar panels have been installed, roof repair and replacement also can be more costly and complicated as well. We recommend an inspection before installation as well as once the panels have been installed to ensure that the structural integrity of your roof has not been compromised in any way.

Will Solar Save Me Money?

This technology isn’t available in everywhere yet but Google is so pro solar that they created Project Sunroof that uses their mapping and satellite technology to calculate how effective solar energy would be for a particular house. It weighs factors such as historical weather patterns for the area, and shadow obstructions, such as nearby trees and buildings. Based upon this data it tells homeowners if they would save money by having solar panels installed. Google analysis is available across most of the US and Denver properties have been mapped. If your property data isn’t available you might try a similar tool available through the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Signs of Trouble.

The first signs of roof trouble aren’t necessarily leaks into the house or broken pieces. They may be something as subtle as dark spots on your shingles. You may notice leaks or stains around gutters or on eaves. Your energy bill may suddenly have risen dramatically or the temperature in your home may not be as comfortable as it once was. These are all warning signs that you need to have a roof inspector come out and that there are issues that you should definitely address before solar installation occurs. Though an average solar array ways less than 5 pounds a roof that has been compromised in some way can still buckle and sag under that weight over time. Our inspectors will point out any potential areas of weakness before they become an issue for your solar array.

Should I Replace My Roof Before Adding Solar?

The first thing to consider, even if there is no visible damage is the age of your roof, is the age of your roof. Our inspectors can tell you what the average life expectancy of your roofing materials is and give you an estimate of when they think replacement will have to occur based on its condition. You may be reluctant to incur the additional expense of a new roof right now but consider how much more trouble and expense will be involved in replacement down the road. Your entire solar power system will have to be removed first and will be out of service for a day or two at the very least.

If you are considering going green and having solar panels installed on your home or business, give us a call at 303-618-9889. Our roofing professionals can come out and inspect your roof for hazards or possibly suggest some repairs or a replacement before your installation. Once your panels are installed our inspector will return to ensure that no damage has been done and that you’re the integrity of your roof remains intact.
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