Popular Roofing Materials to Consider if you live in Colorado

September 7th, 2016

Whether you are ready to replace an old roof or install a new one, you have several choices to make as it relates to the roofing material. You can choose to install tile roofing, asphalt shingles, or metal roofing, just to name a few. Your choice will depend on various factors including the complexity and slope of the roof. The style of the building, the cost of various options, and the local climate will also be a part of your decision. To give you a better idea of what to expect, let’s take a closer look at your available choices.

Asphalt Roof Shingles
There are some asphalt shingles that look like slate or wood, but the appearance is only superficial. Most of the roof shingles that exist today are usually known technically as asphalt fiberglass. Embedded in this type of roof shingles is the fiberglass mat, which provides additional tear and strength resistance. Most homeowners will oftentimes choose asphalt roof shingles because they are more affordable, durable, easy to install, and are available in numerous color selections. This choice is especially good for sloped roofs.

Wood or Shake Roofs
Even though beautiful when installed, expect a higher level of maintenance with shake roofs and wood roofs in comparison to asphalt roofs. Wood and shake roofs originate from red cedar, white cedar, or yellow cedar. Shakes are usually split from log and so their texture is rough. Shingles tend to be smoother since they are sawed. To install a wood roof requires additional skill and experience.

Composite Roof
A composite roof carries the longest manufacturer warranties. Composite could be any type of roof. Composite means that several different materials are utilized during the manufacturing process. One of the most popular types of composite roof is the simulated roofing slate. This is made from rubber compounds and resins. The simulated slate provides amazing longevity. The installation cost is also lower. It provides the look of a conventional slate roof.

Metal Roof

There are different styles of metal roofs, ranging from simulated shingles to standing seams. There is a wide range of metal roofing including factory finish and roofing panels. Some of these are cut and finished in the factory while others are cut at the building site, but this should be done by a professional roofer. Metal roofs are ideal for complex-shaped or curved roofs. Many of these metal roofs can be directly installed over an older roof. In so doing, the contractor does not have to tear off the previous roofing material.

Flat Roof
Flat roofs are usually prone to leaks. For that reason, it is essential to hire the assistance of a skilled roof installer, if you need to repair, install, or replace your roof. Rubber, PVC, or EPDM are all single-membrane roofing systems used as materials for the flat roof.

To help you choose the right roofing material, speak to an experienced professional. Make sure that professional has the experience to install whatever roofing material you select. Allow the Roof Doctor to assist you. Call us at 303-618-9889 for a consultation to discuss your needs.
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