Important Elements of Your Roof Explained by Your Denver Roofing Company

There are several parts and pieces that hold your roof together. This is important as your roof protects your home. When your roof starts to break down, it leads to issues within the home that can quickly become very serious. Once you learn more about the different elements that make up your roof, you will know what to look out for during your annual quality roof and gutter inspections and can explain to your local Denver roofing company. 
  1. Shingles: Shingles are the face of the home. They provide protection but also serve as the face of the roof. The condition and color of your shingles make a difference on the overall appearance on the outside of your home. They protect your home from the elements, such as snow or rain. Shingles are also vented to allow for smooth airflow. More importantly, they work alongside the flashing to keep water moving. The goal of your roof is to move water and debris downward. Underneath your shingles is underlayment. Underlayment is the barrier between the home and shingles, making it important to ensure your shingles are in great shape.
  2. Flashing: Flashing on your roof is one of the top elements. Its main goal is to directing water off of your roof so it does not collect in certain areas. You will find flashing in all the connecting points of the roof. For instance, this can include around windows, chimneys or vents. You will also find flashing anywhere else that may come into contact with water. When you inspect your roof, Bob Vila’s “Leaky Roof? Some Repair Tips” explains you should look for cracks and failures in the caulking of your flashing. You may also notice leaks around areas such as your chimney, etc.
  3. Gutters: Many don’t think about gutters being a part of a roof. Not only are they important, but they play an important role. Once flashing and the pitch of the roof directs water and debris off the roof, the gutters take the water off the roof. That’s not all though—gutters direct the water away from the foundation of the home. Ideally, water is directed at least a few feet away. This way, if there are any cracks or entry points, water is not coming in. Over time, gutters can get filled with leaves and other types of debris. It is best to monitor this throughout the year and create a schedule to clean them out.
As winter is just around the corner, it is important your roof is in premier shape to handle the harsh elements. With Colorado’s bright winter sun, snow may be building then melting regularly. It is best to ensure there are no issues and leaks. Learn more about The Roof Dr.’s Residential Roofing Services to help you see what we offer. We strive to serve the community and provide free upgrades, professional expertise and competitive pricing. If you would like to have your roof looked at before the winter, request a quote today! We are your go-to roof specialist to make sure all of the elements of your roof are in ideal shape.
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