Winter Roof Preparation and When to Contact Denver Roofing Professionals

December 14, 2016

Many people love Denver because even in the winter, there is sunshine and warm(ish) temperatures that melts the snow that falls often. However, when the snow turns into water and melts from your roof, it can cause problems. If your roof isn’t in top shape, you may experience unpleasant leaks or other issues from the excess snow and water. Learn some ways to prepare your roof for winter and see if you need to contact Denver roofing professionals to ensure it is a smooth season.

1. Inspect:

Prior to the winter, be sure to safely inspect the quality of your roof and look for damage. You can take a ladder and safely glance in each area. As you look, keep an eye out for curling, misshapen or broken shingles. In House Logic’s article, Inspecting Your Roof to Get Ahead of Problems, they also advise to look for flashing with rust spots or cracked caulking, excess wear around vent pipes or large areas of moss and lichen. Minor problems such as popped nails you can fix yourself. For the larger issues, it is best and safe to contact your local roofing expert to handle the issue.

2. Clear Gutters

Before winter fully sets in, make sure your gutters are clear. When gutters become clogged, it can create a plethora of problems that damage your roof and home. Gutters need to be able to direct water off your roof and away from your home and its foundation. Over time, small twigs, leaves and other debris can weigh your gutters down, especially during fall. The heavier they get, the more they drag down which causes unnecessary weight. In addition, gutters flowing with leaves and other debris can be a breeding ground for unwanted bugs such as ants or rodents. Plus, if they find a way in your home in the winter, that will not be a fun expense to pay to exterminate them!

3. Additional Tips

Prior to winter, be sure to trim trees. This will help snow from bearing weight on trees causing them to break. It can also help from extra leaves and twigs from falling into gutters. Also, even though your roof is on the outside of your home, you can do some interior maintenance to help keep your roof in good shape. First, make sure there is excellent insulation around the exterior edges (i.e. attic or basement). Too much heat that moves through the roof can melt snow too quickly and may cause frozen water to accumulate causing ice dams.
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