​When Is It Time to Replace Your Siding? What Denver Roofing Professionals Want You to Know

January 4, 2017

Old, damaged or cracking siding is quite the curb appeal buzz kill. That isn’t the only problem though, it can be a costly issue as well. As we are now well into the winter months, bad siding can lead to issues with the quality of your home. If you notice any of the following issues, it is best to reach out to local Denver roofing professionals. Get the problem fixed to keep your home in the best shape!

Out of Control Heating and Cooling Bills

Do you feel that your home can’t ever stay at the right temperature no matter what season? In some cases, it could be a faulty thermostat, in which case you may want to invest in a Nest thermostat. But, it can also mean your siding is not insulating the way it should be. When this happens, your heating and cooling may be constantly running and trying to catch up. Can you imagine what this is doing to your wallet that you don’t even realize? An investment in new siding can help resolve this issue and help you control those costs (and stay warm or cool!) If you are wondering if your home has issues, check for the amount of snow melt from your food compared to your neighbors, this will indicate if your attic is releasing too much heat. If it is, you have some problems that may need fixed.

Are Things Falling Apart?

While it may seem obviously, many can see the signs of siding falling apart and leave it as-is. Sure, it is an investment. But when siding cracks, gaps, warps, if dry rot occurs or other issues, it can affect other areas too. For instance, issues can seep into the home’s interior layers. The negative here is not only will you have the bill to fix the siding, but also to fix any issues that may arise from leaking into the inside of the home.  It can lead to mold growth which can cause illnesses in those that live in the home. Save yourself the trouble and consider replacing the siding once damage occurs.

Selling Your Home

Going back to curb appeal, it is one of the top things you can fix to help quickly sell a home and potentially increase it’s value. When the house looks to be falling apart, potential buyers may use that as a first impression and pass on by. In addition to sprucing up your landscaping, siding is another way to improve the overall look of your home and increase value. When having your siding evaluated, have your roof looked at too. Depending on the age and condition, insurance may be able to replace your roof for you which will also increase value. Windows can be looked at too. They will work hard with your siding to protect your home against the elements and keep the temperature inside a comfortable one.

Are you considering replacing your siding? The Roof Dr. can help. We offer a wide variety of residential roofing services from siding and windows to gutters, fencing and paint. We know any of these services can be an investment and use some of the top brand to make your upgrades the best they can possibly be. To get started with your project, give us a call at 720-606-7663.
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