How to Perk Up Your Home with Siding Installation

From time to time, you need to give your home an overall improvement. You can improve the exterior appearance of your house by adding new windows, siding installation, wall painting, and updating your landscape, but that is not the only way to do so. Installing siding, for example, can drastically improve the look of your home.

The Options
In the past, homeowners didn't have as many siding options as they do now. For that reason, the choices available only served to leave the home looking unattractive. Today, though, there is a wide range of available options to homeowners. Unlike the unappealing vinyl choices that homeowners had available in the past, now, vinyl siding has been improved and so have other materials such as wood, metal, and stucco. Let’s compare the various types of siding options that may be right for your home.

Vinyl Siding
Most homeowners choose vinyl siding as their first option. This has been the case for many years, but more so as the product has improved in quality, colors, and styles. This type of siding looks the same as horizontal wood siding. However, it doesn’t need too much maintenance. It can be installed over the previous siding, but works better if installed over sheathing. It is important to note that vinyl siding won’t corrode or rust. However, as it ages, it will start to get brittle.
Several of the benefits include:
  • You do not have to paint as you would do for wood
  • It won’t peel, show scrapes, or flake
  • It won’t suffer dent as aluminum does
  • It will not chip, warp, or rot
  • It has resistance to air pollution, humidity, wind, rain, and sun
  • Its quality can be retained for up to forty years or even more
  • It provides extraordinary insulation protection from the heat when it is used with the right backing material
  • It is very attractive since it comes in various shapes and textures
Metal Siding
Steel and aluminum are the two metal siding systems used by many homeowners. Steel tends to be the most lasting and durable. Both steel and aluminum siding can be installed over the existing siding, but works well with sheathing also. Steel is especially great for areas where the weather can be severely cold. When it comes to pricing, vinyl is cheaper than steel and aluminum. However, they both are definitely more energy efficient. This means that homeowners will pay less in their heating and cooling bills. In case of a fire, steel and aluminum can withstand excessive heat without as much damage.  

Wood Siding
Wood siding has a wide range of patterns and is sometimes installed over sheathing where the horizontal patterns are secured by nailing it through the sheathing and into the studs. The vertical patterns are secured by nailing it through the furring strips. Homeowners have several wood siding choices. The popular ones are:
  • Tongue
  • Groove
  • Lap board
  • Split log
No matter what siding you choose to install, they will all create a distinct look to the exterior of your home.

If you are ready to perk up your home with siding installation, use the professional services of an expert. Contact the Roof Doctor to assist you. Call us at 303-618-9889 for a free consultation.
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