Spring Cleaning Checklist for Roofing and Gutters from your Denver Roofing Company

As you work on your spring cleaning on the inside of your house, spring is also the premier time to handle the outside of your house as well. To keep up with the maintenance outside your home, curb appeal and your home’s value, you need to take the time at the beginning of this season to ensure its quality as we go into the warmer months. Use this guide as your spring cleaning checklist to cover your yard and landscaping, gutters and roof from your local Denver roofing company.

Yard and Landscaping

Spring is an exciting time for your yard and landscaping! You can care for your existing plants, trees and shrubs to help them to continue to grow throughout the year, and you can also add anything that you would like to incorporate into your current arrangement. Your top priority when tending to your yard and landscaping is to remove any twigs, leaves, sticks, etc. that are laying around. You can do with manually and can also take a rake to your lawn. Next, spray a pre-emergent in your yard to prevent weeds from growing. You can also seed your lawn to help your grass grow after winter. If you have a plant bed, spring is the ideal time to re-mulch. Make sure you remove the old mulch first. Last, take the time to prune and trim your trees to encourage growth.


Gutters play an important role for your home. How? Primarily, they keep water away from the foundation of your home. Failure to do this can lead to issues around the foundation of your home. In addition, keeping water away helps to prevent mold, leaks in your basement and much more. To keep them working properly, make sure you check and clean them as needed throughout the year. Spring is one of the best times to get them started. Over time, they can collect, dirt, debris and more. Make sure they are clean to prevent build-up that collects water. In some cases, if they become too clogged, it can lead them to sag or bow. If the pressure is too much, they can break which can be a costly fix.


Checking your roof throughout the year is just as important as checking on your gutters. You will want to inspect your roof, or have a go-to roofer come check it out for you. Check for any cracking, misshaped, curling or missing shingles. In some cases, a couple can be fixed by you if you or someone you know is confident. You should also look at the flashing around the corners to make sure it is intact. If it isn’t, it can lead to leaks and other damage inside the home. You will also want to check for any places on your roof with standing water or with moss or algae growing and remove it.

When it comes to caring for your roof, gutters and more this spring, The Roof Dr. if your top roofer in Denver. We will help you maintain your roof and help you fix any issues that arise. Learn more about the services provided by Denver roofing companies and call us at 720-398-3406 to see how we can help you with your outdoor maintenance this spring.  
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