Elements that Lead to Denver Roof Repair

May 24, 2017

Given that the home is on the front lines of protecting you and the quality of your belongings, there are many things that can lead to roof damage. There are also other elements too that can lead to issues. From weather damage and the negative impacts of improper care to when it is important to invest in roofing assistance, learn the ins and outs of Denver roof repair.

Damage from Weather

Weather is one of the top reasons a roof can become damaged. Hail and winds from severe storms are the leading elements that damage a roof. Once hail gets to be a quarter of an inch or larger, it can dent or break down elements of your roof. They can damage or blow away shingles. This damage can lead to leaks on the interior of your home that can cause water to build up. Down the road this can ruin the quality of the wood and even mold can grow. Inclement weather from the winter can also lead to damage as well. Once too much ice or snow builds up on a roof, it can weigh it down. When this occurs, especially with ice, the added weight can lead to extra stress that damages a roof. In fact, if the weight it so heavy, extreme cases can lead to a roof collapse. In the winter, you also need to be aware of ice dams, which are buildups of ice on the edges of a roof that leads to a water flow build-up.  

Negatives of Improper Care

If you are a homeowner, it is crucial that you take care of your roof. Over time if you fail to give your roof proper maintenance, or neglect fixes, your roof will deteriorate over time. First, it is important to inspect your roof a couple times per year to make sure there are not any missing or damaged shingles. It is best to fix or replace them to avoid leaks inside your home that can cause damage or promote the growth of mold. Leaks around your flashing and shingles can create poor ventilation. This will ultimately increase your utility bills, bring in unwanted pests and can encourage mold growth.

When to Invest in Assistance

Counting on the help of a local roofer can help you all year long with your roofing issues. As you make your bi-annual rounds to ensure your roof and flashing is intact and your gutters are not damaged. If they are and you are unable to repair them, it is important that you work with a roofer. They can inspect your home and roof and work with you to aid you with dealing with your insurance company on claims. You can also count on a go-to roofer to handle the maintenance on your roof and gutters.

Whether your roof has weather damage or has been neglected, The Roof Dr. can help. As Denver’s premier roofer, they will ensure your roof gets back into the shape it needs to be in protect you and everyone in your home. If you are ready to care for your roof, make sure you read our Denver roofing spring cleaning checklist. For help, contact us at 720-606-ROOF.
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