4 Myths About Roof Repair From Your Denver Roofing Professionals

August 9, 2017

The roofing industry sees a lot of false claims out there, prohibiting people from knowing the truth about repairs and roofing. Your roof is one of the most important pieces on your home, as it’s the first layer to protect it, and it keep it safe, warm, and dry. We’re here to help bust four myths about roof repair. Your Denver roofing professionals are here to help you with questions you may have about the wonderful world of roofing!

Installing A New Roof Is Easy!

While every homeowner loves a good DIY project here and there around the house, a roof is a huge project that should be left alone for the professionals. Your roof is meant to protect your home, and an improper install could mean that your home’s structure is at risk. This could lead to problems in the future including leaks and damage. So much goes into installing a roof that there are far too many possibilities for things to go wrong if you try to install one by yourself. Your best bet is to leave it up to your Denver roofing professionals to do the job!

All Shingles Are The Same

Not all shingles are created equally. There are so many types of shingles out there today, that a good price might distract you as to how hard the install would be. When you research roofing shingles, there are several things you need to consider before you commit to purchasing, such as durability, wind resistant, mold resistant, the list goes on and on. When you talk with us, we’ll go over the right type of shingle for your desired look and outcome of your home. The three top types of roofing shingles are a great place to start!

You Can Patch Up Bad Spots

Some people think that you can easily do patchwork or add a layer of shingles to cover up bad spots on your existing roof instead of replacing a roof in order to save a bit of money. The truth is that you need to start from scratch and tear off the old layer completely. While you think patchwork will save you money, in the long run your home will be more susceptible for leaks and long term damage.

Roofing Professionals Are All The Same

You’ll find that not all roofing professionals or contractors are the same, as they vary in experience and skill level across the board. Professionals vary in how long they estimate the project to take or how much it will cost you with some being more expensive than others. Also, if you want a certain type of roofing such as fragile clay tiles, it’s important to find a roofing professional who knows what they’re doing and someone who knows about warranties and installation guarantees. It’s imperative you do your homework and find the right Denver roofing professional that you know you can trust with the job at hand!
Dispel roofing myths and come talk to The Roof Dr.! We know how important properly installing new roofing is and how big of an investment it is. So, we’ll do the job right! To get started with your project, contact us or give us a call at 720-606-7663!
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