Denver Roofing Professionals: The Right Type of Gutters For Your Roof

October 4, 2017

When you’re a homeowner, deciding on roofing is hard, but additional pieces such as gutters and what type you need for your home can be an extremely hard decision… until now! There are so many varieties of gutters out on the market today, so we understand how someone can get easily overwhelmed and confused when trying to make a decision. Gutters add curb appeal to your home and allow you to be a little creative when choosing design, color, and display. You can find a type that complements your home’s aesthetic. Let the Denver roofing professionals help you find the type of gutters that’s right for your home!


Gutters are essential for a home’s drainage system and that means they’re prone to wear and tear damage from storms and winds. Make sure you use our spring cleaning checklist for roofing and gutters so you know what to look for when assessing your current guttering. Most gutters last between ten and fifteen years, so it might be time for an update. If you prolong having damaged gutters, your home will be at risk for water leaks and water damage that can wreck havoc on your home.

Types of Gutters

Most residential gutters are created out of some type of metal. The most widely used material is aluminum, which is lightweight and easy to install. Aluminum won’t rust, comes in various colors, and can be painted to match the look of your home. In areas where homeowners see snow (hello, Denver!) a .032 or .027 gauge thickness is recommended.

Copper has been very trendy this year, and while it’s not a new concept, it’s also trendy for gutters! Besides it’s beauty, copper won’t rust and you won’t even need to paint it, as it will develop a pretty patina over time - perfect if you’re looking for a rustic look. If you’re looking for a DIY project, copper gutters won’t be it as you need a professional to install it. High end homes and historic renovations are big fans of copper guttering, as it can be on the pricey side.

Steel is a very strong, durable material for gutters. It resists rust, but not forever as you may start to find rust forming after five years. This heavy material can be painted and come in a variety of colors, but can be pricey. Leave this type of installation to the professionals!

Zinc is in the same boat as copper gutters, they’re beautiful, long-lasting, and develop a patina over time but they are higher priced than traditional type of gutters. You’ll find zinc gutters on high-end residences and historic renovations. Zinc also needs a professional installation, as seams and joints must be welded.

Vinyl siding is a popular, cheaper options for gutters as it’s lightweight and great for DIY projects. The downsides are that it’s color made fade from the sun, the gutters can crack in severe cold, and they definitely cannot support ladders placed against them. Read more about how to choose the right gutters.

When it comes to determining the right gutters for your home, The Roof Dr. can help you out! We can help you choose the right fit and properly install your gutters so they’ll last a lifetime. Contact us to see how your Denver roofing professionals can help you make an important decision!
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