Denver Roofing Professionals: The Process of Replacing Your Roof

November 8, 2017

Replacing and installing a completely new roof is a huge investment, money and time wise. There are so many steps involved as it’s not just putting a few shingles down and calling it a day. When it’s time to make the big step in deciding to replace your roof, you need to know what goes on throughout the process. First, be sure to check for the five signs it’s time to replace your roof. Let your Denver roofing professionals walk you through some of the steps that are required to replace your roof!

The Set Up

The first step in replacing your roof is to set up your house that’s ready for shingles and debris to come down off of your existing roof. Tarps will be placed around the bottom of the roof in case there are accidental drops when removing the old debris. A dumpster will be placed by your house as well to hold all of the shingles and debris that comes off of your roof.  

Roof Inspection

Before a new roof is installed, a thorough inspection of your old one and it’s foundation is imperative to prevent future damage. The wood decking needs to be inspected for any soft, wet, or rotted wood. If we see anything like that, the wood will need to be replaced to created a solid, sturdy base for your new roof. If you don’t have a solid base, your shingles will not stay intact. Wood decking needs to be inspected to make sure it’s attached your roof’s rafters the proper way. It’s imperative to check for any missing nails on the wood decking. If shingles are replaced without re-nailing the wood decking, you will notice bumps on your roof after a few week’s worth of use.

Underlayment Installation

Underlayment is extremely important as it catches water and removes it so the sheathing and framing below don’t become damp, and eventually rot. The first part of installing an underlayment is putting down an ice and water barrier. This will be installed underneath the drip edge for extra protection. The ice and water shield will be nailed along the edge of the roof for additional strength. Once done, the underlayment will be installed at the edge of the roof, over the ice and water barrier, and over the drip edge. Finally, we’ll fasten down the underlayment with nails and ensure it’s installed properly and strong enough to withstand the Denver climate!

New Roof Installation

After the wood decking and underlayment is prepped, we are ready to start laying out and installing the new roofing material. We typically work from the bottom up, then by the flashing, ridge vents, and ridge capping installation. Next comes a cleanup where we pick up any piece of debris left. Finally, we’ll finish with another thorough installation of your new roof. If it’s done by The Roof Dr., it has to be right!

If you still have questions about the roofing process, read five things you need to know about roof replacements, and give The Roof Dr. a call! Contact us to get a free estimate of your new roof replacement. We have over 45 years of expert service across the Denver area, so we have experienced it all and can help you with another beautiful roof.
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