Denver Roofing Professionals: Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Roofer For Your Commercial Roof

December 6, 2017

Installing a roof is a serious job and needs to be done right the first time, especially for a commercial building. While most roofing companies have contractors that install residential roofs, The Roof Dr. has contractors that specialize in commercial buildings, and for good reason! With over 45 years of experience under our belt, we’ve done it all with commercial roofs and carefully conquered countless projects.

Before you hire your next roofing contractor to handle your commercial roofing needs, it’s imperative you ask these questions before so you know you’re getting the right business to get the job done right!

What is your full name and your company’s full information?

You’ll want to ask the contractor for his first and last name, as well as every piece of information on his business such as address, phone number, and references if possible. This way, you can actually look them up to ensure they are an established company and have the right permit to work in your area. If you do receive references, this will greater ensure that you are choosing someone who is fit for the job.

How long have you been in business for?

Experienced contractors are the way to go when it comes to installing a commercial roof, as they aren’t an easy install and are a big job to undertake for a company who has only beenin business for a short time period. This isn’t saying that years of experience will guarantee the best quality of work, but it will help with less errors made during your install. Pro tip: you can always check out your roofing contractor on the Better Business Bureau website.

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance!

Finding out if your contractor has insurance is imperative for a commercial roofing project. If you’re looking at someone who doesn’t have insurance, do not go with that person. Any contractor should have liability insurance in case anyone that works on your project is injured on your property. Workers compensation insurance should be held by the contractor as well. This ensures that you wouldn’t be liable for any medical care or lost wages in the event of an accident. Verify that these types of insurances are actually held by the contractor by requiring proof.

Do you have a warranty?

If a contractor is as established as they say they are, they should offer a warranty for their work. Make sure you get the warranty in writing before they even begin the project. Also note that a manufacturer’s warranty is different as that only applies to the materials used.

These are just the basic questions you should ask a roofing contractor for when you start the research process, but there are other questions to ask before you hire one. You can also research the difference between residential and commercial roofing services.

Contact The Roof Dr. for your commercial roofing project! With over 45 years of experience, our expert staff has a prestigious reputation for providing superior and customized roofing services throughout the Denver area. We would be glad to install or upgrade your roof!
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