Denver Roofing Professionals: Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof and Gutters

January 17, 2018

You’ve know that you should be utilizing a spring cleaning checklist for your roof and gutters, but you shouldn’t skip out on a fall cleaning checklist either! Fall brings about noticeable change throughout the Denver area, including the beautiful colors of the landscape and some seasonal temperature changes. It’s essential to do a fall check up on your roof and your gutters to make sure your home’s first line of defense doesn’t have any previous summer damages and is ready for old man winter.

A fall cleaning check up to your roof is one of the most important chores before the winter season. Your roof is a huge investment; let the Denver roofing professionals help you ensure it’s in tip top shape!

To The Roof!

Fall is one of the best times to get up on your roof, and for good reason. The weather and temperature are perfect as it’s not too hot, nor is there any ice on the roof that you’d have to worry about. The summer sun is often too strong and becomes dangerous, so it’s best to stick to the cool, fall temperature.

When you’ve made it safely onto your rooftop, inspect your roof for trouble spots and any noticeable wear and tear or damage. Be on the lookout for bubbles, cracks, missing patches, missing shingles, splits, and any noticeable damage. The roof’s membrane is crucial, so check for any deformity in any of its layers. Go around and inspect the seals around vents, chimneys, skylights, fans, vents, or any other opening in the roof. You want those seals to be tight and show no signs of weak spots.

Grab a broom or have a friend hand you one when you’re on the roof so you can sweep away debris that has gotten trapped on the roof, such as leaves, sticks, dirt, pebbles, from previous storms or wind.

To The Gutters!

A clean, clog-free gutter is essential for proper drainage. Grab a ladder and go around your entire roof’s gutters and clean them. Remove all debris that you can find as they can clog up your gutter and mess up their functionality. A clogged gutter can lead up to water build-up which in turn increases the threat of a possible roof collapse. That’s something we definitely don’t want, so clean those gutters!

Safety Is Key

If you don’t feel comfortable getting up on your roof and doing your own inspection, you can certainly ask a trusted roof contractor to come on over and do the check-up for you. For example, here at The Roof Dr., we’d be more than happy to come and help you assess your roof before the winter season settles in. Remember, roofing and gutters aren’t the only thing to do some fall maintenance on. Read up on your fall home maintenance checklist.

If you want an expert to perform a thorough inspection for you, schedule an inspection with a Denver roofing specialist today! When you spot damage, be sure to call us at 720-606-ROOF so we can properly fix your roof and keep your home in tip-top shape throughout the fall AND winter season!
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