Denver Roofing Specialists: The 2018 Roofing Trends You Don’t Want To Miss!

February 28, 2018

Yes, the New Year has finally approached us and we’re in full swing of 2018. Roofing trends seem to come and go, but 2018 has brought a ton of new ideas and products that are getting roofing contractors excited to try some of these things out in the new year. In the past decade or so, roofs have become much more than just protection from your home for homeowners. Besides keeping you safe and dry, there are now various ways to add in some personality to every home - just by utilizing the roof! By updating your roof, you can not only add more function and style to your home, but you can also increase your home’s value. Let’s get started on what’s trendy for roofing in 2018!

Power Up With The Sun

Solar paneled roofing isn’t a new trend for 2018, but it’s certainly not going away any time soon. In 2018, you’ll see more and more homeowners implement solar panels in their home as a more green way to power their home and to cut down on their electricity bill. Currently, over one million people in the United States have solar panels in their home. That number is only expected to drastically increase throughout the new year.

Millennial Influences

Millennials have influenced a lot of trends recently, and roofing is definitely one of them. Millennials tend to like more basic, minimal for the homes their purchasing, so flat roofing has become increasing in popularity. While flat roofs can be less expensive to install, they also might require more maintenance than a traditional roof with pitches.

Going Green

We talked about solar paneled roofs, but we’re getting even greener! Flat rooftops are popular, so gardens on flat rooftops are also growing in popularity. If you live in a city or suburb with minimal space or no backyard to garden, people are turning their rooftops into gardens to they can keep their home green and provide fresh food utilizing the space they didn’t think they would have to do so.

Intense and Bright Colors

With the new year, homeowners aren’t shying away from bold and intense colors for their roofs. A colored roof is a great way to add some personality and style into your home, using a space that you didn’t think about coloring. Vivid reds, bright whites, and deep blues are some of the most popular colors. Additionally, homeowners are being drawn to bright titanium or stainless steel roofing options, given their bright shine and eye-catching light. Copper saw a huge increase in popularity in the past years, and that wasn’t just for home goods. Homeowners are attracted to copper roofs as it patinas over time.

In the past, homeowners would normally select roofs that had earth tones and neutral colors so their home would blend in the with the neighbors. Now, they want to separate themselves and have their home stand out among the neighborhood with a brightly colored roof. People are finally starting to get creative with their roofing options that can allow them to expressive themselves.

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