Denver Roofing Company: Ice Dams 101

March 28, 2018

Ice dams are something that no home or business owner ever wants to see on their roof. Not only is this issue potentially damaging to your roof and building, but it can also become a serious liability and safety issue if not properly addressed. If you have had ice dams build up on your roof in the past or are concerned with preventing this from happening in the future, there are a few preventative measures you can take from your Denver roofing company.

Keep your Roof Cold!

The main reason ice dams form is because your roof has warmed above 32 degrees fahrenheit, causing snow to melt. However, once the temperature drops below freezing, this water will freeze again, forming an ice buildup on your roof. It can also freeze over once the running water reaches a part of your roof that is still above freezing, forming an ice rim. Over time, water will get trapped by this rim, leading to further buildup of ice on your structure.

As a result, the best tactic for preventing ice buildups is to keep your roof below freezing. One way of doing this is to close any attic bypasses. Approximately one third of heat loss is through your attic, and the majority of this comes through air leaks. It can be difficult and tricky to plug up any air leaks, and the process can be time-consuming but it will ultimately be worth it as a method of reducing ice dams.

Adding Roof Venting

Another strategy that is effective in reducing ice dams is to add venting to your roof, which will flush out warmer air and cool the attic in the process. Consult with your local roofing professional on ways to properly vent your attic, as this will significantly reduce your ice buildup as your roof will remain more consistently cold. Some roofs require strategic placement of venting, as some roofs have angled ceilings and do not have attics. If this is the case, you will want to rely on secondary strategies.

Secondary Strategies

There are a few secondary strategies that can help reduce ice buildup on your roof. You can apply a special adhesive barrier on the edge of the roof as a way to prevent water from building up and becoming ice. You can also rake the snow off your roof after a snowstorm. While not the most ideal scenario, as it is a dangerous process, this will eliminate the amount of water present on your roof that will limit the amount of snow that can melt and turn into ice.

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