What to Look for in Your Next Home, Including Boulder Roofing

June 5, 2018

The search for a new home is an exciting time. It is your next chapter, whether it is your first home or third! Since the purchase of a new home is a large investment, you want to be sure to do things right. Not only should you find what you need in a home, but it is important you invest wisely. From what to look for in Boulder roofing, to choosing the perfect size, use this guide as you search for your next home.

Location, Location, Location

One of your top considerations when purchasing your first or next home is its location. First and foremost, what location is most convenient for you? What sacrifices are you willing and not willing to make? Many statistics have shown that individuals with longer commutes can actually experience negative health side effects, which you can learn more about in the 10 things your commute does to your body. Weigh the pros and cons of moving closer to where you work.

However, you will have other considerations to make. If you have children, what are the school districts like? What areas are up and coming that may help you get the best return on your investment? What about activities? You should ensure the next place you move has the amenities you need. Also, safety is another factor. Do your research on neighborhoods to learn about crime and anything you should be wary of.

Roofing 101

One of the things many prospective homeowners need to consider in a purchase of a new home is the roof. How old is it? What type of condition is it in? What is it constructed of? All of these are questions to ask. On average, given the construction of the roof, they typically last 15 to 20 years before needing to be replaced. As you pull up to view a home you are interested in, begin to look at the roof. Do the gutters look in decent shape? Does the roof look solid?

Once out and ready to further investigate, look for broken, missing or curling shingles, broken flashing or sagging gutters. As you learn more about the home, ask about and inspect for leaks. When there is water coming inside from the roof, this could lead to other problems down the road. You may also notice or hear about granules falling off the roof and into the gutters—hence clogging them. Another way to look for leaks is to inspect the attic for light coming in.

While one might not consider gutters part of the roof, the two work together to keep your house safe. Water should ideally roll off the slope of the roof and into the gutters. From there, when doing their job properly, the water is directed away from the home. This keeps the foundation safe as water can cause damage.

If the roof on the home of your dreams may need some work, do not let that deter you from purchasing it. First, investigate what to look for in a roofing professional in Denver. A great roofer will assess the situation to let you know if repair or total replacement is best. From there, you can talk this quote and assessment and use it when negotiating an offer. It may be something the seller is willing to cover or lower the price for.


Also, as you are driving up to a home and inspecting it, look at the exterior. What condition is the siding in? Siding, just like roofing, can be aesthetically pleasing but has an important purpose it must serve. Look to make sure the foundation is intact. The porch or any other attachments should be in good condition and not falling apart. When porches break away from their base, it can cause foundational and safety hazards. This is also relevant for railings. Make sure all railings are in place.

For the siding of the home, checking the siding is crucial. Many houses use vinyl siding, which can last up to four decades when properly cared for. Similar timeframes can be said for other types of siding.

Your first clue on siding is to look for damage. Does the vinyl or wood have holes and gashes? If it is wood, is it rotting? Are there any gaps? Also, learn how the heating and cooling bills are. Higher bills could mean there is an issue with the siding or roofing as air is being let in.  

Fixer-Uppers vs. Move-In Ready

There are some homebuyers that see a fixer-upper as the perfect project. However, it is important that only those with the capabilities, time, and expertise handle. If you do not have sufficient experience, avoid solving the problems on your own. That being said, you will need the funds to pay others to do the work properly. Many homeowners will dive into a project, have problems making the fixes, then spend even more money having the professionals fix the problem.

Learn about the issues a home has from the start and evaluate your level of skill to fix them. If you or your budget has the time for the project, it can be the perfect way to make a great return on your investment. However, if you aren’t qualified or can’t find the funds for help, it may be best to consider another home.

As you look for a new home, its roofing and/or siding may need some love. This is where The Roof Dr. in Denver can help. Our team is experienced with fixing and replacing roofing on homes, townhomes, and multi-family homes. We use industry leading brands to ensure you have materials that will last for decades to come. In addition, we can also assist with siding installation, new windows, and gutters. Our team also specializes in fencing and painting. We have a wide variety of services under our umbrella, allowing us to be your one-stop-shop. Let us help you in your decision to buy a new home. We will be happy to inspect and give you accurate estimates of work to be done. Call us today at 720-606-7663 today to get started.  
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