Reasons to Consider a Skylight for Your Denver Home

July 4, 2018

If you’re in the market for a new roof, it may be a great idea to consider having a skylight installed as well. These structural accessories can provide a plethora of benefits that make it an attractive option for both homeowners and business owners alike. While it isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a new roof, a skylight can be a fantastic way to add an entirely new level of character and personality to your structure. If you’re in the Denver area, and are considering having a new roof installed, think strongly about the many benefits of installing a skylight before finalizing your project.

Upgrade Your Home or Business’s Interior feel

There are many reasons to consider having a skylight installed at your home or business. For stylistic reasons, having a skylight in your building can make a world a difference in regards to the aesthetics and overall feel of the interior environment. Natural lighting is always a welcome sight and having a skylight is a terrific way to upgrade how a room looks, as sunlight is a great way to have your home’s personality shine through.
As a bonus, not only will your home or business feel more inviting, but the resale value of your property will very likely increase with the addition of a skylight. A well-positioned skylight can make your building a very easy sale pitch if you are ever in the market to sell, as it will be seen as a highlight of your property and allow it to stand out from the crowd. Imagine having a skylight directly over your bedroom, allowing you to lay in your bed and view the stars at night. Clearly, having a skylight in your home can be a massive upgrade to your environment.

Energy Efficiency

While many people assume that skylights are a luxury installed purely for stylistic reasons, this is actually not the case. A skylight can dramatically improve a home’s energy efficiency, especially if the skylight you have installed is a venting skylight. Having the ability to open your roof and allow hot air to escape through the vent will reduce your need to have air conditioning running constantly throughout the warmer parts of the year. Allowing fresh air to cycle in while releasing hotter air is a great way to reduce your energy costs as well as reduce your impact on the environment in the process.
Another energy efficiency benefit to having a skylight installed in your property is to reduce the need for artificial lighting. With the presence of natural light in a room, you will reduce the amount of electricity required to adequately light your interior environments. By using the sun’s rays to light up the inside of your home or business, you will be doing your part to reduce your environmental impact while also receiving light that is much more conducive to mental health.
Skylights come in a variety of different shapes and types, allowing a person to customize their skylight depending on what their individual needs are. Skylights can be installed with tinted colors as a way to filter out harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition to the money a person will save in reduced electricity and cooling costs, having a skylight installed may also qualify them for a tax credit through the Energy Star Program. All of these factors combined can make the addition of a skylight an attractive and worthwhile investment that can pay for itself over the long term.

It’s Good for Your Health

The benefits of having increased exposure to the sun are obvious. Living in Colorado, it is often something we can take for granted, as our state receives the most days of sunlight of any state in the country. A few cloudy days in a row will be a powerful reminder of how beneficial the sun can be towards our overall mental health. Research has shown that increased exposure to natural sunlight is a great way to regulate potential mood disorders. In addition to the benefits to your mood, a skylight can also improve your ability to see clearly, as research has also shown that humans see better in natural light as compared with artificial lighting.
Having a skylight in your home can not only improve the state of your interior style, it can also be a massive benefit to your mindset and sense of well-being. Many people in modern society are deficient in Vitamin D, something which sunlight provides better than any other source. Rooms that are lit with natural light will improve your exposure to the sun and potentially increase your Vitamin D intake as a result.
If you own a business and are seeking ways to boost your overall workplace productivity, having a skylight can also be a terrific option to consider. The presence of natural lighting has been shown to improve productivity in offices, as it reduces the feeling of a sterile and uninspiring work environment that can constrict a person’s ability to get their work done efficiently. Additionally, individuals with a green thumb will definitely see the benefit of having a skylight installed in their home or office, as the natural light will be much more beneficial to growing house plants. Certain house plants thrive much easier with the presence of natural lighting, which can not only be a benefit to your home, but can make your office feel like a much more inviting and natural environment to work from.
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