Thinking of Installing Solar Panels on Your Denver Roof? Here's What You Should Know

September 26, 2018

It’s no secret that Denver receives a tremendous amount of sunlight throughout the year. In fact, Colorado receives more days of sun than any other state. The benefits of having seemingly endless amounts of sunny days can be felt on a personal health level, as it improves our vitamin D intake and is helpful in boosting our emotional state of mind. But an ample amount of sunlight can also greatly improve the benefits of utilizing solar energy as a power source for our homes and businesses. If you’re considering having solar panels installed on your residential or commercial roof, here’s what to be aware of.

How Solar Panels Affect Your Roof

Making the transition to greener, more environmentally-friendly energy technologies is a wise choice, but in financial and conservational terms. The ability to power one’s home or office utilizing the sun’s rays is a worthwhile investment for future generations as well as for present personal empowerment potential. If a storm takes out parts of the power grid, a solar array setup can provide you with the security necessary to keep the lights on without having to rely on an external source. 

In order to take advantage of this green energy source, you will most likely need to install solar panels on the surface of your roof. Seeing as your roof is one of your building’s most essential structures, it is imperative that you have your solar panels installed carefully and properly. The last thing you want to have to deal with is to have panels that are installed improperly, causing damage to your roof and creating an additional set of problems to address. Leaks and structural damage can be a nightmare in the face of your green energy dreams.

If you are seriously considering having solar panels installed on your Denver roof, consult with a roofing contractor with the knowledge and skill necessary to ensure the health of your roof is maintained. While there are plenty of reputable and trustworthy solar energy companies in the marketplace, there are also a few bad apples who may not have the needed skills and experience to treat your roof well. Speak with your preferred roofing contractor prior to having solar panels placed on your roof as a way to get a second professional opinion on the construction plans. 

Consider the Timing

Once you’ve made the decision to become your own green energy producer by having solar panels installed, an important thing to keep in mind is if the timing is right. In terms of the best time to have solar panels installed, an optimal choice is to have your shiny new array installed alongside a new roof. While solar panel companies will, ideally, install your panel setup without any hitches or mistakes, it’s possible that your roof will incur unnecessary holes or damage during the installation process. 

If you are already in the market for a new roof and are also considering the possibility of having solar panels installed, this is likely the perfect time to have both installed. Solar contractors will have a much easier time installing solar panels when they can work side-by-side with a roofing company. By having your solar array installed at the same time, contractors will have a much greater and easier time accessing the portions of your roofing structure needed to effectively install the panels without excessively damaging your roof.

Consider How Your Panels Will be Installed

Before you get too deep into a solar panel installation project, a critical component of this process is to think about where you will have your array placed. Colorado may have a generous amount of sunlight to take advantage of, but you’ll still need to consider the arrangement of your panels as a way to maximize exposure and absorption potential. The way in which your roof is angled may not be the way you need to have your solar panels arranged, and a qualified contractor will be able to design a plan that meets your needs and is constructed according to your existing setup. 

It is important to account for environmental factors nearby that may present issues for how your system is implemented. Trees or other structural obstacles may block the amount of sunlight your panels will be able to receive, which may alter your preferred setup. Additionally, some roofs may have structural concerns that prevent a safe and sound installation, issues that may need to be addressed by your roofing contractor prior to the installation process beginning. You will want your solar panel professional to consider factors that may conflict with your new array, such as water pooling near the panels themselves or other issues which can damage the setup.

Another important factor to take into account is how your solar panel array will impact your roof’s maintenance schedule. Much like how a new solar array should be coordinated with the possibility of a new roof being installed on your property, it’s also important to keep in mind how a roof’s maintenance schedule can impact the installation process. If you have fixes or other maintenance issues which need to be addressed prior to your solar panels being installed, contact your roofing contractor prior to the process beginning. If extensive work needs to be done, completing the work before solar panels obstruct the process is the smart way to go.

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