Tips and Materials to Use to Make Your Denver Roof More Environmentally Friendly

October 24, 2018

Going green is a relevant trend that is here to stay for both families and businesses. The idea of reducing one’s impact on the environment while also utilizing more eco-friendly and sustainable products is an attractive concept that has grown in popularity in recent years. Society has become more attuned to the realities of how our world needs to make sustainable products and processes a high priority in order to maintain our world for future generations. The roofing industry has a number of options available to residential and commercial customers in the Denver area seeking to reduce their environmental impact and go green with their roof.

Utilizing Recycled Materials

Roofing materials include a number of recycled options for home and business owners to use in their next roofing project. What may not be common knowledge is the fact that many of the shingles sold on the market today are made out of recycled materials, such as rubber, wood, and plastic. These materials can mimic recycled slate and cedar shakes and provide the same protection and functionality as non-recycled shingles.

For individuals concerned with how a recycled roof will look in comparison to their non-recycled counter-parts, recycled shingles are still very appealing to the eye and provide a stellar look that would never give the impression of being of poor quality. In fact, recycled shingles can provide an impressive amount of durability and will also provide a reduction in waste and overall energy used, providing homeowners with the peace of mind in knowing they are positively impacting the environment.

Green Roofs

What may seem like an out-there idea, green roofs have now become a much more common reality. The recent passage of the green roofing initiative in Denver has made mandated that certain new buildings and roofs include a particular percentage of green roofs, which is defined as a layer of vegetation planted over a waterproofing system installed on top of a roof. This type of roof is installed to reduce the prevalence of ‘heat islands’, which occur when there is an excessive amount of radiating roofs and pavements and a lack of green space.

In regards to excessive heat in the surrounding environment, a green roof reducing this effect by providing less space for heat to radiate off of. Instead, a green roof can absorb the energy of the sun through the presence of plants. A green roof can also be utilized to grow vegetables and other desirable plants, providing a win-win situation for home and business owners seeking an environmentally-friendly option. In addition to providing a heat reduction, a green roof can also reduce the amount of rainwater runoff your structure experiences, which can reduce the possibility of ice dams developing in the winter and also reduce erosion close to your property.

White Roofs

Another roofing option to consider in regards to reducing your environmental impact are white roofs. These are roofs with a lighter color, often a white-colored material. Choosing to install a white roof, also known as a white roof, will reduce the amount of heat your property absorbs as the white roofing surface will reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. During the warmer summer months, a white roof can be a great way to reduce your need to run air conditioning as intensely, providing a significant relief to your energy bills. 

Wood Shingles and Shakes

Although wood shingles are not a common site in the Denver metro area, there are various parts of the country where wood shingles and shakes are a common and popular choice for homeowners. These tapered pieces of wood provide a classic look reminiscent of an older time period. For people seeking a less modern choice, wood shingles can be the perfect option for stylistic purposes.

However, wood shingles can often come from old-growth trees which, in the long term, are not a sustainable construction option to be using. Instead, there are options available which are much more eco-friendly. These include reclaimed lumber sources from mills, bridges, and other sources where the wood will be reused instead of having to cut down more trees. Selecting a source of reclaimed wood from a local merchant will also reduce transportation costs and energy used.

Metal Roofs

Selecting a metal roof for your next roof may not always be the first choice people think of when having a new roof installed, it can be a fantastic option for homeowners seeking to reduce their environmental impact. Using metal over asphalt shingles can provide a reduction in heating costs, as metal roofs absorb heat differently than traditional shingles. They can also be installed to reduce the chances of ice dams developing in the winter as their surface will melt ice much faster than asphalt. 

Another benefit of selecting a metal roof is their durability. Metal roofing will not deal with many of the issues that asphalt, wood, and other materials face as it is incredibly durable and will hold up to weather, water, and other elements in the environment. After intense hail storms roll through and create significant amounts of damage, companies and families often look to metal roofing materials to provide both durability and a stronger exterior to prevent the need to have to repair a newly installed roof. Metal roofs can contain up to 50% recycled content and will also be easily recyclable once they need to be replaced, providing another reason to consider metal roofs as a way to go green. 

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