Fall Checklist for Your Property's Exterior from Your Denver Roofing Company

December 12, 2018

Autumn has arrived in Denver, as the warm weather has given way to chillier temperatures and consistently wet weather. As fall begins to give way to winter, there are a number of things you should take into consideration for your property, specifically when it comes to the exterior of your building and surrounding landscape. While you may want to rest on your laurels, kick back and relax as the colder weather rolls in, there are a few important steps to take prior to being able to rest easy for the season. With that in mind, here are some of things you should mark off your checklist for your property’s exterior from your Denver roofing company.

Take Care of Your Trees and Shrubs

In terms of exterior elements, one of the most important and valuable components of your property are your trees and shrubs. These constant green companions are extremely important to giving your property a much-needed boost of greenery and life. Trees and shrubs not only provide your home or business with a valuable and pleasing aesthetic, but they are also critical in terms of providing shade and immeasurable amount of property value. 

For that reason, making sure that your trees and shrubs are properly taken care of is extremely important to maintaining and increasing the lifespan of your plans. If your trees and shrubs have an excessive amount of dead limbs and branches, fall is a great time to prune and trim them, as your trees will be going dormant and will be less prone to disease as a result. Fall is also a great time for treatments to your trees to prevent diseases from affecting your wooded companions, such as fungicide injections.

Leaf Removal

Autumn wouldn’t be complete without having to clean and rake leaves out of your yard, as the changing of the seasons is signalled with fall colors leading to leaves blanketing your lawn. An excessive amount of leaves can become an eyesore and a become consistently tracked into your home if you don’t take the time to remove them. Once snow hits, it can become much more difficult to remove, as wet leaves are a bigger nuisance in terms of raking than their dry counterparts. 

Leaves left on your lawn can inhibit the growth of your grass in the spring, making this activity about more than just the aesthetic of having a clean property. Make the job easier for yourself by purchasing a large lawn rake and leaf scoops to make the process of picking up leaves a breeze. Additionally, you will want to clean your gutters and downspouts of fallen leaves, as this can clog your gutters and lead to water pooling on your roof or siding. Eventually, this can damage your roof with water making its way into the interior of your home, showcasing why it is important to clean your gutters out as proactively as possible.

Winterize Your Property

Although winter may still be a few months away from hitting in earnest, fall is no time to slack on preparing your property for the coldest months of the year. This means scheduling sprinkler blowouts to prevent damage to your irrigation system caused by frozen pipes. The last thing you want to worry about in the spring is having to dig up irrigation line to take on a project you never wanted to think about. Fall is also when you should think about disconnecting hoses from exterior faucets to prevent damage. You may also think about shutting off the water altogether to these exterior faucets to be as safe as possible when it comes to damage to your faucets.

Another important thing to begin thinking about are the amount of winter supplies you have on hand. A snowstorm can hit the metro Denver area much sooner than the official start of winter, leaving you to scramble for your shovel and ice melt. Stock up before your store is cleared out of its supplies and make sure you have everything you need to keep your family safe. If you have a fireplace, consider purchasing a cord of wood to keep your family warm all winter long.

Take Advantage of the Weather

Autumn weather may bring rain showers and balmier temperatures, but you still have a decent amount of days where you can get outside and complete the chores you need to get done prior to winter hitting. This means removing things such as window A/C units, which will begin to become a burden as cold air flows easily into your interior spaces. You may also want to consider wrapping your windows with insulating wrap to maximize your insulation properties and keep utilities costs down in the process.

Think about the services you may not be able to complete on your own and find a qualified contractor to complete the work for you. If you feel uncomfortable getting on your roof to clean out the gutters, hire a roofing company or a gutter specialist to get the job done for you. If you have to fix parts of your exterior which will not be as accessible during the winter months, you will want to be as proactive as possible in terms of hiring a contractor, as companies can get backed up with requests as the season winds down. 

If you are in need of roofing services for your home or office, avoid doing it yourself and hire professional and competent contractors to get the job done. In this area, The Roof Dr. has you covered. We offer both residential and commercial roofing options for whatever your situation may be. We are a Colorado owned and operated business, and have been building roofs in the Denver metro area since 1971. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals are there to ensure the job is done as efficiently and affordably as possible. If you are need of a roofing repair or replacement, or you simply have questions about our services, contact us today!
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