Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Roof From Your Denver Roofing Contractor

May 9, 2019

The arrival of spring is always a welcome sight for people who feel cooped up and limited by the cold weather of the winter months. Seasonal affective disorder is a real condition which can seriously impact many individuals in terms of their mood and overall outlook on life. The cold, dreary, cloudy months of the year can lead to feeling less energized and unmotivated, leading you to put off many of the projects around your home. A big thing that is often ignored or put off until spring time is maintaining the condition of your roof, which is often completely inaccessible and not worth the hassle during the winter months of the year. With that in mind, here are some important maintenance tips to be aware of during the spring months of the year from your Denver roofing contractor.

Figure out Your Tool Needs Before You Start
It can be tempting to simply hop on your roof and begin the cleaning process once warmer weather allows, but this is often a recipe for frustration and disappointment, as you may not actually have all of the necessary tools needed to sufficiently get the job done. As with any activity that will require a set of tools, it’s important to check to make sure you have the needed hardware to complete the job before you start the process. There’s nothing more annoying than hopping on your roof with a ladder only to realize you won’t be able to complete the job. Having to start and stop with your work is not an efficient route to take, and you will want to ensure all of the necessary tools are present before beginning work. 

Not only is it important to have all of the tools you will need to complete spring maintenance, but you will also want to have equipment which is up to the standards needed to complete the job. If you have a rake, but it’s falling apart, you need to think about going to the store and getting another one. If you have a ladder that is wobbly and will not provide the balance needed to climb up on your roof, you will want to invest in the sturdiest ladder on the market, as safety is a top priority in everything you do, especially when it comes to climbing on the roof.

Perform a Basic Inspection
Before you start to assess what types of repairs or improvements you will need to make for the upcoming season, you will want to keep things simple and perform the necessary basic inspection prior to beginning work. This can be started without ever having to climb up a ladder and visually inspect the roof from close up, as certain types of damage can be viewed from the ground level. If your roof has suffered obvious damage due to a storm or other environmental factors, you won’t need to get up close to know it’s time to call your local roofing contractor to fix the damage. 

If you can’t notice anything from the ground level, you will need to climb up a sturdy ladder and inspect it from closer up. Damage which is not readily apparent may also require you to call you local, trusted roofing contract to perform the full, thorough inspection in order to determine whether you need serious repairs or replacement to the roof. Thankfully, most home insurance will cover these types of repairs if the damage is due to a storm, and you should definitely speak to your trusted Denver roofing contractor in order to work this out before starting the job. Insurance claims can save you thousands of dollars and plenty of budget headaches in the process, so why not seek out this type of financial assistance?

Clean the Gutters
One of the most common forms of maintenance that you will be performing on your Denver home’s roof once spring hits is to completely clean out your gutters. Over the course of the winter time, it’s likely that your gutters have accumulated a large amount of debris, requiring you to fully clean them out so they don’t become clogged once the spring storms Colorado is known for having hit. You will definitely want to take the necessary precautions and getting a jump on this issue before a big storm hits can save you from needed to have additional repairs performed on your home’s roof.

A major part of cleaning out your gutters is cleaning out leaves and debris from the main gutter system, as well as the downspout, but it’s important to be aware that smaller pieces of debris may be stuck in areas which are not easily apparent to your visual inspection process. You will want to take a trusted hose and blast out the debris through all parts of the system, as even smaller pieces of debris can eventually start to corrode and rust your gutter system. This issue is definitely something you’ll want to avoid, as a gutter replacement is a much more expensive and intense repair issue to have to deal with. Always take the necessary precautions with your roofing system’s most important functional elements and be sure to get a jump on it as soon as the weather allows. 

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