Strategies to Employ in Order to Keep Your Denver Home’s Roof Lasting as Long as Possible

May 22, 2019

Are you thinking about having a new roof installed on your Denver home? Maybe you’ve had a new roof installed within the last few years and you’re paranoid about doing everything you possibly can in order to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible? If either of these situations rings true, it’s probably wise to consider the things you can do in order to maintain and extend the life of your roof as long as possible. The last thing you want to have to worry about is having a roof installed before the expected lifespan of a roof is up, as it will cost you unwanted an unexpected expenses in the process. With that in mind, here are some of the strategies and tips to be aware of which can help to extend your Denver home’s roof as long as possible.

Have Regular Inspections Conducted by Trained Roofing Professionals

If you are worried about your Denver roof’s home not lasting as long as the warranty suggests, you should probably think about having regular inspections performed by trusted roofing contractors in the Denver area. It’s not just a matter of having your roof installed and then setting it and forgetting it, instead you need to be conscious and careful about what you do to help maintain the lifespan of the roof.

One of the best ways you can keep the life of a roof extended is to have regular inspections performed by a roofing contractor in order to stay proactive about issues which may arise and affect the structural integrity of the surface of your roof. An inspection can allow you and your family to stay ahead of any possible issues which may present themselves and create a lot of trouble for you in the process. In order to avoid this unfortunate scenario from affecting you, have regular inspections performed to prevent any surprises. 

A roofing contractor will be best suited to perform such an inspection, as you will not have the insight and knowledge to competently perform such an inspection yourself. Although you will probably be able to spot gaping holes or obvious issues which may have arisen during the winter months, you will likely not be able to detect issues which are smaller or less apparent to the casual viewer. Having a professional inspection performed on your roof is a terrific strategy to employ in order to prevent larger issues from getting worse over time.

Clean Your Gutters

Although you won’t necessarily be able to perform all of the essential forms of maintenance which are required of your roof, you can still perform certain activities which can help to extend and maintain the life of your roof. One such activity to be aware of is to clean your Denver home’s gutters out with a certain amount of regularity. If leaves or other forms of debris remain lodged in your home’s gutter system for an extended period of time, you will eventually deal with other issues which can be much more expensive to fix.

If your gutters are full of leaves, they will not function as intended and will likely create situations where you have water flowing to places on your roof which are not good for the overall health of the roof. Cleaning your gutters also extend the life of the gutters themselves, as debris which is decomposing in your gutters will begin to wear down the gutter itself. Safely put a ladder on the side of your roof and climb up, assuming your roof isn’t a crazily difficult structure to access. It might even make for a great father and son activity to increase the responsibilities your children have around the house. Nothing makes for a great bonding experience quite like the act of cleaning your home’s gutters.

Make Sure Your Home’s Insulation is Functioning Properly

Although you may not immediately think about your home’s insulation when you think about the overall health of your home’s roof, your insulation can affect the health of your roof in a few different ways. Before we dive into that, it’s best to keep in mind that insulation and roofing material serve a similar function, which is to protect the interior of your home and to keep your home under ideal living conditions. Insulation which is consistently letting hot or cool air out of your property isn’t just a burden to your wallet, as heating and cooling costs can also soar, but it can also negatively impact the lifespan of your Denver home’s roof.

One of the biggest ways that insulation can impact the overall health of your roof is due to the fact that melting and ice dams may be much more likely to form as a result of warmer air constantly seeping out and escaping through your roof. When this happens, you will be dealing with issues on the surface of your roof which can damage the integrity of your roof’s shingles and eventually lead to leaks which require a more extensive fix. Without fully addressing your home’s insulation, you will create extra work and lose money for yourself by having to also fix your home’s roofing structure. Avoid this situation by adequately and appropriately fixing your home’s insulation and ensure it is doing its job fully.

If you are in need of roofing services for your home or office, avoid doing it yourself and hire professional and competent contractors to get the job done. In this area, The Roof Dr. has you covered. We offer both residential and commercial roofing options for whatever your situation may be. We are a Colorado owned and operated business, and have been building roofs in the Denver metro area since 1971. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals are there to ensure the job is done as efficiently and affordably as possible. If you are need of a roofing repair or replacement, or you simply have questions about our services, contact us today!
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