Hail Damage Getting You Down? Here's What You Can Do About it From Your Denver Roofing Contractor

July 17, 2019

Let’s face it: hail is simply a part of life in Colorado. Whether it’s a hail storm destroying your new car or a severe piece of weather causing havoc to your home or property, hail is one of a property owner’s worst nightmares. With recent storms showcasing the unlimited power of destruction present in nature, it can leave a homeowner feeling helpless to defend themselves against this type of element. Indeed, hail is something which can be a difficult thing to defend against. But fear not, there are tips to be aware of which can alleviate your anxiety and leave you feeling more secure of your circumstances. With that in mind, here are some things you can do about hail damage from your Denver roofing contractor.

Have a Professional Roof Inspection Conducted by a Trusted Professional

When it comes to dealing with potential hail damage, one of the first things you and your family should look into is a professional roof inspection by a trusted Denver roofing contractor. In order to determine what type of repair or replacement will be needed, you will first what to determine if your roof is actually damaged. Although hail can certainly shred a roof like no other form of weather can, it is important to know whether or not this type of damage has actually taken place. You certainly don’t want to replace your roof or conduct any unnecessary repairs if you don’t have to. 

A roofing professional will look for a number of signs which can indicate that a significant level of hail damage has taken place. They will look to see whether the roof has been damaged enough to warrant a total roof replacement, or if the roof can simply be repaired without needing to go to that length. The things a professional roofing contractor will look out for include things such as dented gutters, gutter screens, and downspouts. Often, if the surface of your roof contains significant damage to the shingles, this damage will also be apparent in places such as your Denver roof’s gutter. Dented gutters can often require a total gutter replacement, certainly not the idea outcome to have to deal with as a homeowner.

A roofing contractor will also examine other areas of your home to examine for possible damage, including the siding or window sills. If a hail storm has caused damage to the siding of your home, it’s entirely possible that your roof will also have significant damage. If a hail storm was severe enough to cause enough damage to your home’s siding, you can bet it’s not the only damage you will need to address. Any signs of damage, including dents, dings, and other indications of impact on the side of your home should be examined to see if there is damage to other areas as well. 

Damage may have also occurred on your home’s air conditioner unit, specifically if your property has central air installed. In addition to looking over your Denver home’s siding for possible hail damage from a severe storm, you will also want to look to see if your home’s air conditioner has signs of damage, which includes things such as dents or punctures in the air conditioning unit. Another area to look out for possible hail damage on your property is on your deck or other painted wood surfaces, as hail may have caused chipped paint or other damage to this type of material. 

What Hail Damage Can Mean For Your Roof and Home as Whole

Unfortunately, hail damage is often not just a cosmetic eyesore that you will want to polish and paint over, as it can have very real, serious implications to your property. You will want to make sure the extent of your damage is not severe enough to warrant an entire roof replacement, as this can be a financial burden you and your family will not want to have to deal with. Luckily, you may qualify for an insurance claims as a result of such a storm, but you will still have a large deductible which you will need to pay out of pocket.

Hail damage can eventually lead to things such as leaks in your Denver home’s roof, which can be a total nightmare for you and your family to have to deal with. It’s not just a matter of patching holes in your roof’s shingles, as you may need to end up replacing the entire structure as a result of this type of damage. If the damage to your roof is simply cosmetic, consider yourself lucky, as you may be able to get by without having to have any serious repairs or roof replacement done on your home. 

But, if the roof has been compromised as a result of damage from a serious hail storm, you will likely need to have a trusted and professional roofing contractor complete the repairs in a timely manner, as another serious thunderstorm can lead to significant leaks and other structural and functional issues as a result. Whenever possible, it is best to be as proactive as possible, so you don’t compound the problems you have due to inaction, leading to serious regret and financial strain. 

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